PATRIOTS OR SELF SEEKERS? How ship-hoping Somaliland politicians cheat Somalia

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The shaah is real good

So the three most interesting cases;

The Minister:
Fowzia Yusuf Haji Adan who from 2012 to 2014 served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy PM. The Hargeysa born politician opted to move south not because her political ideology was based on the Somaliweynedream but more as a political survival tactic to avoid a political oblivion.Fowzia seek to move to Mogadishu for the principle reason that in 2011 her attempts to register her political party in Hargeysa hit a snag. She is known earlier to be a champion for Somaliland recognition by the international community bashing Somalia for alleged atrocities prior to the 1991 civil war.

The MP:
One of the contenders for the Speaker of the Upper House was Mustafa Ahmed Qodah. He is a politician from Somaliland but more interesting only a few days ago Qodah was the Deputy Manager of the state run television Somaliland National Television SLNTV the mouth piece of the anti Mogadishu administration in Hargeysa. Qodah resigned from the position to vie for the senatorial position in Somalia in which he succeeded

But the worst case is the cheif justice:
Ibrahim Idle Suleiman from Somaliland replaced Aideed Abdullah IlkaHanaf as the Chief Justice of Somalia after the dismissal of the latter by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in May 2016. Suleiman was the Chief Justice in Somaliland and within a week he was the Chief Justice in Somalia.

I guees it is as the saying goes.....



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You see this occur with any groups that are in limbo. Just like Gadabuursi in the North West and the Dhulbahante in the North Centre. There was one Dhulbahante heavyweight (dunno the name) that switched sides 3 times. He served in the PL, SL and Khaatumo administrations. Even though he isn't loyal to a side he has a special place in my heart for finessing SL in a conflict in Buuhoodle where he beat a force that outnumbered his force.

He will always be a rageedi. :fittytousand:

It is a good hustle though, you can't blame them for behaving this way.


Your superior
Nothing wrong with getting some of that international aid as long as they invest it back home in Somaliland
The issues in the Somali peninsula was never about Qabiil, just business and interests, only the dupes think it's about Qabiil, the useful idiots that serve as cannon fodder in the battle fields, spend all their money on their leaders and cheer for them for doing nothing.

The federal state projects no different, each one would sell out and have already sold out plenty of times, if you do not understand this dynamic, your lost and no different from the dupers that support ISIS/AlQaida, or the types used for colour revolution against their own government in demonstrations.
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