pakistani women asked madow revert a kitten for her mehr

A reasonable mehr is like 5-20k any woman who asked for that wouldn't be clowned. But when you ask for upwards of 50k of course you'll get clowned no Farax has that amount of cash just lying about. If you ask for a ridiculously low mehr of £140 of course you'll get clowned some 15 year olds could pay that amount. :chrisfreshhah:
The only group of people who ask and get £50k mehr are the Khaleejis. I have never seen or heard of a Somali girl get 50k, nor even bother to ask. There are men getting angry because a Xalimo dared to ask £6k - 10k


You can't win with men.

If you ask for a high mehr, you're a materalistic golddigger.

If you ask for a low mehr, they'll say you have no self respect and clown you.

Also, don't use the whole 'they ask for low mehr only for reverts' argument when ya'll were clowing a Xalimo with a Farax husband for revealing her mehr was £140.
The reason I found $140 to be funny was because it’s just a random number. :pachah1:Why not $100 or $200 even. Was $140 all he had in his account:ftw9nwa:.


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