Pakistan PM Imran Khan allegedly disrespects the Saudi King


Good on him, these Saudis are utter scum of the highest order. Half of the trouble in the Muslim world is down to them and the other naago Gulf nations (Qatar & UAE).

As much as I absolutely detest Shia theology, I can't wait for Iran to smash these c*nts to pieces.
That's good, the whole gulf needs to be dismantled. Bedouin arabs who were in the desert and pastoralist should not be ruling over civilized farmers, iron makers, script writers of the levant(iraq, lebanon, syria, iran) look at how all their IQ came down because of this and now they can't go beyond 80 because saudis run things. See how u cant have pastoralists ruling africa the whole continent will drop it's iq level.
@Crow what so funny, we humans are wicked. We measure from the lowest ppl who can't speak a sentence or put together words all the way too pyramid makers 5000 years ago. Forget the bushmen making a pyramid today 5000 years later, u see cultural IQ


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