Over 9,000 free votes for WADANI in central Sanaag/Northern Sool (my native land)

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The four eyed kid from Canada (Methylamine) thought SY is langaab like his half SM half Akisho Lander cousin queen Salena ee futada laga waso. :lolbron:

I haven't included the SY of Ceerigaabo district.

1.Ceel-Afweyn A-1 - 596 (SY)

2.Badhi-Gelis-1 - 455 (Idarays/SY)

3.Dhabar-Mamac-1- 401 (Idarays/SY)

4.Shoodhe-1 -405 (Idarays/SY)

5.Masle-1 - 327 (Idarays/SY)

6.Siiga-Dheer 1- 477 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

7.Ceegaag 1-406 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

8.Dogoble-1 -430 (Idarays/SY)

9.Dogoble-2 -431 (Idarays/SY)

10.Darar-Weyne-1 - 580 (Idarays/SY)

11.Darar-Weyne-2 - 581 (Idarays/SY)

12.Bohol A-1 - 242 (Jibril Xasan & Idarays/SY)

13.Bohol B-1 - 282 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

14.Doclaha-1 - 217 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

15.Saba-Wanaag-1- 45 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

16.Ceel-la-Heley-1 - 324 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

17.Fadhi-Yar-1 - 395 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

18.Fadhi-Yar-2 - 395 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

19.God-Heelli-1 - 378 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

20.Sin-Caro-1- 439 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

21.Sin-Caro-2 - 439 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

22. Oog A-1 - 422 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

23.Oog A-2 -422 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

24. Fadhi-Gaab-1 - 652 (Jibril Xasan/SY)

total - 9,741



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Northeastern xudun :childplease:
@Bohol i have never heard of the 'bohol district' isn't Bohol just located central Xudun which itself is western Sool. When speaking about northern Sool people assume the land inbetween Xudun and Taleex which is a vast terrain where dhullo subclans are settled
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