OTD 20 years ago, the world watched in horror as my country was under attack


Proud American
Cowards attacked my nation 20 years ago, thankfully we got our revenge and hunted down those who attack our way of life

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Proud American
This is especially a sad day for my community as our own backyard and Pentagon were attack as well. Cowards, we will never forget!



Macawiis, dacas iyo AK47.
Cowards attacked my nation

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Damn son, sorry to break it to you , you're not an American, you may live in the United States , or you may have a green card/papers residency whatever , you are still seen as a Somalian. If AAs and Native Americans are treated like second class citizens in subpar conditions, in which predicament are you categorised as , You're Black+ Muslim + and from the same country " Black Hawk Down" occured according to Americans.

It's like a Yahudi associating himself with the Nazis , etc.

Very bad , you can be a Somali and reside there , not vice versa.

Let that sink in , sxb. lol

Anyways , don't take what I said to the heart.
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I remember that day it was evening getting up from a long nap I took and I saw my family all in the living room watching the news and went up to them to watch the news with them seeing the second plane hitting the building and the two towers collapsing it was surreal

Let me try to get a handle on this adorable and oh-so very tragic Disney-like sentiment through historical and sociological context; Afro-Americans have been in the United States for around 400 years, and as an indelible part of American society, they have contributed in innumerable ways...and they routinely get told to return to Africa...

..And your 'muh America' naive little self has been there for inside of 5 seconds. Whites would sooner accept ET before they accept your nomadic ass. Get a grip, nigga.
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