Puntland Official Puntland pictures thread

Mashallah what amazing images, brothers in ten years post peace time, Puntland will be known as one of the top holiday destinations on the planet with such natural beauty graced by Allah swt.
All the roads in Puntland should be lined up and town planned with trees like this, so we can invite @Adaawe as he sits in Puntland as he gets disinfected from nabad and noolal lies.



So beautiful. I heard some mountain paths were difficult to reach. insha'Allah I will visit after the covid crisis.

I just hope it's not promo land by then.

:banderas: :mjcry:


Does reer Pl control the closest socatra island to PL?

How come i see lots of youtube videos of PL claiming it? Do you guys send your ppl there? you do realise that's a violation that yemen wants to claim all of them, when it's clearly across the pond from Pl. I say reer PL send your prisoners on a early release deal to live and colonise it. Maybe even put some dhaqan clis there.