Official Puntland Ministers Announcement Thread

President Said Abdullahi Aw Mohamed is about to name his cabinet.

There are many rumours which I am not going to indulge myself into.

What we know is that Ministers and cabinet will be lean in scope around 16-18 and same numbers on Deputy Ministers and fewer State Minister (Minister of State).

This has profound effects on the ground as many clans will found themselves out of Ministerial position and lose some standing which might fuel resentment.

Truth of the matter is that Puntland cannot afford does not need 60 Ministers.
GBT That is the logical conclusion but it is bitter pill to swallow for those who will be left out.

I support a smaller cabinet 100%.


Liiska Golaha Wasiiirada Puntland.

1 - Cawil Sh. Xaamud - Wasiirka Cadaaladda iyo arimaha diinta

2 - Maxamed Cabdiraxman dhabancad - Wasiirka Arimaha Gudaha, Fedraalka iyo dimuqraadiyadda

3 - Cabdisamad Maxamed gallan - Wasiirka Amniga.

4 - Xasan Shire Abgaal - Wasiirka Maaliyadda

5 - Cabdiqafar cilmi xaange - Wasiirka Qorsheynta iyo Hormarinta dhaqaalaha.

6 - Cabdulahi maxamed xasan - Wasiirka Waxbarashada

7 - Jaamac faarax xasan - Wasiirka Caafimadka.

8 - Axmed bashiir muuse - Wasiirka Howlaha Guud

9 - Maxamed cabdi Cismaan - Wasiirka Dekedaha

10 - xuseen cismaan gabiley - Wasiirka Howlaha Guud & Garoomada.

11 - Aamino cismaan xaaji jaamac - Wasiirka Haweenka.

12 - Cali xasan axmed sabaarey - Wasiirka Warfaafinta.

13 - siciid Cisman aadan fiisigis - Wasiirka Xanaanada Xoolaha.

14 - Ismaaciil diiriye gamadiid - Wasiirka deegaanka

15 - Cabdulahi cabdi xirsi -Wasiirka Ganacsiga.

16 - Faarax maxamud cawash - Wasiirka Kaluumeysiga.

17 - jaamac faarax muuse - Wasiirka Shaqada, Shaqalaha, Dhalinyarada iyo Ciyaaraha

18 - Axmed maxamed yusuf taaraan - Wasiirka Tamarta, Macdanta iyo biyaha.
Important Ministries

Xasan Shire Finance Minister

With the naming of Xasan Shire President Deni rewarded the main stakeholders in his win, the group of Maxamuud Shiddo a powerful group known as Aaran Jaan who were the backers of President Faroole.


Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
How big was Gaas’s cabinet?

About the same. This guy has 18 ministers, with 18 deputies, making it 36. The state ministers and state minister deputies are not included yet. It will be nearing 50 cabinet members
Aarlibaax I think it is a good cabinet better than what we had before.

The Security Minister was called by Reer-Bari who in my absence attributed to Gallan false reer Abti I wanted to correct but forgot.

Abdisamad might look different but he's Harti offspring his mother hailing from Sool.