Non-americans, what is strange about the United States?


I Was Cheating In Prison..I Was Cheating ...
People like you. Delusional second class citizens who think they're the main characters in everything. "muh country, USA USA USA" mfs lol. Sixir baad ku nooshaxiin.


Forza Somalia!
your gun laws
2 party system, where every American oppose policies just because the party they don't belong to proposed it.
The size of their people. So many fat people and they have corrupted the world with calling fat women thick. And their ability to treat their foreigners as second class and still brainwash them to proudly say I’m American


Wilful ignorance it's actually how scary how confident some Americans are in their ignorance that and not knowing what socialism and communism is :bell:
No healthcare...

Watch John Q and that will show how I feel about the USA.

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Extremism in politics. Conservatives in the UK are basically Centrist Democrats, but in the states conservatives are right wing nutters

student loans seem crazy high, and the healthcare is pretty shocking for a 1st world country.


happy accidents, not mistakes :)
Hehe I enjoyed these replies, it’s always good to look at things from a different perspective :)
-Obsession with looks
-Obsession with sex
-obsession with individualism
-Blatant racism with AA by blocking AA from white neighborhoods etc
-Lack of religion/s
I do love the freedon America gives specially as a woman in this world those are things that bother me the most.
How your folks convinced women that Working 9-5 like slaves makes her more of
Woman than a housewife with loving husband and kids.

Competing against men over something they dont even want to do. Cajiib 🤦🏽‍♂️