Nigerian man with an cadaan wife says if given a choice he would marry a Nigerian instead

It’s better for women to be single than be with an insecure bum loser like this

this nigga talking about “keeping his culture intact” but chose an cadaan woman who couldn’t be more physically different than a Nigerian woman

In my opinion he is insecure, has self hate issues, he married an cadaan cuz he rejected his own women, and now he ain’t even happy with that, he has to put her down TOO! “No, DEFINITELY NOT”

By the way: Compare how he looks before and after she asked the question.

Before the question he looked annoyed and miserable asf. But once she asked that question, he saw the opportunity to take the upper hand lift himself up and put her down, so he started smiling like crazy and said no as confidently and happily as he can… I feel sorry for her she’s a very pretty girl and can do way better than his khaniis looking ass!

he’s only with her cuz it boosts his ego in a twisted way, he defo the type of man to boast ab his cadaan wife in public but when they are home he does everything he can to remind her she ain’t shit. Bastard I can see it in his eyes !

Yall thoughts on this ? Why he ain’t marry a Nigerian if he cares so much about culture?
Saying it to her face is insane especially when she is the mother of your child.
Right he 100% is in the wrong for that he saw the opportunity to put her down and IMMEDIATELY took it and started smiling so hard a the freak. Sick mf I feel sorry for her she’s beautiful and way out of his league too.
He literally looks gay, acts gay asf too. I could never been with such a goofy ass nigga like him fr I’d rather off kms 😭💀
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Recovering from humiliation kink.
Nigga get the f*ck off this website you can’t be Somali LMAOOO @Admin delete this nigga swiftly
Maybe actually I should. I have revealed too much information about myself. I blame jaad bro. It's supposed to be an anonymous site anyway.