NHS doctor tells Health Secretary he won't get jabbed

The cracks have started to appear. The UK's, former ex-banker, "Health Secretary" was basically told to eat shit by one of the "experts" they constantly deep-throat lol.

Just look at the comment section, the support for that doctor is overwhelming, it's only going to further encourage more doctors to step forward and voice their dissatisfaction.

The pandemic's offically over, hope taking those experiemental mRNA vaccines were worth it :lolbron:
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بىَر كَىَل إيه عآنه له
Look at how completely flustered he looks after the Chad Thundercock doctor tells him to f*ck off, like a deer caught in headlights wallahi lol. He immideately defers back to "vaccine experts". Who, Pfizer? :chrisfreshhah: :chrisfreshhah: :chrisfreshhah: :chrisfreshhah: :chrisfreshhah: :chrisfreshhah: :chrisfreshhah: :chrisfreshhah: :chrisfreshhah:
He should have brought his expert with him. I want to see one of these vaunted experts politicians always drone on about. I've been blueballed on witnessing them DEMOLISH any opposition since the Al Gore days with Global Warming. 😢


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He takes advice from compromised drug shills who don't believe in innate immunity as it cuts into bottom lines for their vaccine subscription program.