New rappers out of 3rd world UK proudly rap abt piracy and their London knife culture.

Grigori Rasputin

For 3 weeks I thought I was another nationality
Wariyaha SomaliSpot

Why do they look like they’ve never left Somalia for one single day. I mean their small deformed limbs. I can accept that from our folks back home, nasiib daro they don’t get essential nutrients growing up and it leads them to have deformed and disproportional head and limbs but what’s the excuse for these London boys?
I pushed play and first thing i hear....everyone wanna be a pirate. Nope not true. Even pirates dobt wanna be pirate wtf


Let’s leave the rap to the black Americans

Somalis just can’t rap, same with British blacks. They just sound so cringe.


North-West, London
1 time for my Malis, 2 times for my Pyrex :4uzpnkt::4uzpnkt:

We need Kaos, GeeYou, Mastermind and Skore on one track these Malis would kill the rap/drill scene

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