NACLATULAH to FRANCE! A madoow france national football player spent 39 years coma frm a simple knee surgery due to medical discrimination


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AUN. Wow he must of been a legend in that hospital. I can't even imagine being in a Coma for that long.

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Really? Yet they held him alive for 39 years. Do you think they would have done the same thing in Hungary or Poland? I don't think so.

His wife took care of him.

I suspect she was a white lady.

people are people but France is a dirty country.


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look at this way thats 39 years without sin



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This is why you don't play for a national team , especially when you're coming from an ethnic background or if your parents were immigrant born generation , no matter how many hatricks you pull off or happen be in the front magazine headlines , there's always these certainty of limits, organisations that don't give batshit about you ,they just use you for your potentials ,in the meantime draining the life out of you and discard you once you're considered inoperable.

Hence pursuing small term career in the field is smart , indicating that you secure a better future and retire like the many professional footballers with an immigrant background.

Pursuing long term is optional but you have think about the consequences of playing for another country that isn't yours, the medals and golden cups may distract you for a brief moment but once you wrinkle, sustain permanent injury or collapse you'll vanish like the many legends.
Do we even hear from the thousands of players , their whereabouts and their lives after facing life threatening complications.
I've been following similar topics for many years and this unfortunate tragedy also fall into the same category.
What happens to these league champions is the epic center of topic , but why too late when this was present for years

It's best to be wise , strategise and capitalise in the short run.

Yes , it's sad , may his soul rest in peace
I'm glad that he had a loving family by his side to his last day , it's outrageous of the government to neglect his conditions all these years. It could have been reversed but I'm guessing these medical staff removed his ventilators and replaced it with someone else with a fair skinned complexion.

The racism in these countries are systematic , not progressive , these type of silents are worse than those that are open and have no problems to disclose their prejudices onto others.

So yeah like I mentioned earlier regardless of how many these generations span , you don't have the same privellages as theirs and are treated like a second class citizen.
This is beyond horrible , mess, this is fucked up.
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