Nabar and Naxdin starting inflation in Puntland

Karkaar police forces intercepted 1 Billion SH that was headed to Bosaso to cause inflation.
Nabar & Naxdin at their usual antics again.

@PuntiteQueen $1 billion shilling is only $2k in USD. It won't cause much problems since the GDP is $2 billion USD. If that spread out into the market it would lead to only $2000 dollars loss which isn't much and it wouldn't effect one business either as it will be spread out to the people in chunks who would effect businesses at 'slight loss' but nothing 'major'. If that was 1 billion USD value of shilling, then half our economy would collapse and 'PL' would be in a massive turmoil with looting, business ppl fleeing, locals uprising which is the intention of the 'cadow' be careful of them as you always are sister. Runtan ku sheegaya. Even @Farjano-Walad knows this basic economic concept, war isagu ma naxo 'he deports' any duli against Ogaden interests, he won't play with them wallahi.

That's why I fear when SFG controls the currency of Somalia and the shilling is restored to 'workable' volume unlike now which has so many fake notes circulating it has made it's worth nothing. But once they do control the currency is the day I fear. I would've made that 'shared duty between regional/feds' if I was in charge. The cawaans don't know how to beat us like siyad did thru 'horumar' promises and port/road and thats why stopped ssdf or large bulk left abdillahi yusuf. They use the barbarian method of war which obviously isn't the best method in PL as we are prepared for them at all times and know their 'barbarian methods' before they even do
@PuntiteQueen don't worry about this 2k circulating, that is just some duli who has no clue how to destroy economies due to no intelligence. The amount he is putting in the economy needs to exceed a portion of their GDP. Like say $1 billion USD printed in fake shillings wud resort with business ppl losing their products/goods at market to 1 billion USD worth of fake shillings which they can't store in their bank or watever or use it to buy other goods in the market as they will be told 'lacagtada waa false' if they scale this to 1 billion, it could affect half puntite market place with huge losses financially for business people. What's worse is when businesses shut down and relocate out of PL and the ppl are left to starve that is the 'agenda behind it'. PL is prepared at all times and we have a strong alliance with Ogadens/Warsangeli on the HORDES.

Sister what destroys the hordes is what they lack the most 'intelligence' and that's it. PL will not lose to these apes who became human in 1960 don't worry, they are just caruur too us. We don't even harm them in Hamar cause they need HELP sister but their like cawaan inferior ah and sees that as harming them because their very much against our cultural values of horumar since they dont have dhaqankeena saldanoyinka. Barbarians like them just want us to join their situation inay nagu daran dabkooda waa qorshahooda keliya, to pass on that cultureless people lifestyle with bases in hamar like its a war city, amisom, turks, americans, sna, danab, shabab, normal ppl all caged up behind fences and barbed wire, president holed up in compound, international community are in halane and shipping containers. Thats' why I say u can't help these ppl and it's best to not force them, barbarians hadi faraha laga qaado and let them live like that is the best solution as thats how most civilizations dealt with them
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Laaa ilaaha allaaalahuu
1b=2k usd

This life was not meant for us. Lets we make it in janah @DR OSMAN my advice just för get about somalia and say you are ethiopian or some shit forget about is unless you are willing to do Stalin style in this case is a necessity and you probably have my suport
@PuntiteQueen even if they sent $1 billion USD worth black market shilling(which is absolutely impossible" they wud need a large storage space for that in PL and they will get spotted quickly. That would require like a 'warehouses' but not just 1 but 100 of them, cause that's how dead that currency is due to the 'barbarian' of course after 91.

Their now using it as a weapon to bring us down with them, but it would only effect our '1 year earnings' and 'business people' still have their 'earnings' saved up or in other assets locally or foreign. It would hurt if they supplied 50% of our GDP with fake currency, it would cause unrest no doubt, and possibly market place shutting down which means even 'food and water possibly' and they 'salivate' that puntites will be starving or looting or destroying which is the 'outcome' they seek from disturbing the market.

Ujeedada waa taasi but I am sure we would recover pretty quickly and take a loss for that financial year and puntites will re-invest and be very 'much prepared' for the future, as they tend to learn after the 'fact' for some reason when it comes 'war tactics' like galkayo had to learn after hordes snuck up on them at night, u seee? it's like they need to experience it first before planning for it not to happen. Now G-town is safe and their prepared, so their always on the look out now soo ma arag, it's just a shame they don't listen to their 'experts' about PREDICTIONS and preventation which they don't especially around this civil war somalia which I don't think they have any experience with. They have experience with war but not so much the state collapse or no nidaam culture so it's all new to them and the enemy thinks that's their 'strength' to get us to buckle. I am sorry but I am half hawiye so I got their genes in half my brain which is what they don't get and so do many puntites.

We the half breed savages can help puntland alot with hawiye as it require a hawiye born majerten to speak to these people as we know their concerns wallahi we were surrounded by their culture and we know the thinkingn style.
@PuntiteQueen I will give u another security tip, mark my word in 20 years when it becomes true. Somali next war front will be 'technology' and destroying 'govt' data and comprising salary payments of civil service and security staff. They don't have the 'cilmi' for it now, but they will soon see how easy it is to get 'indian coder' to create a 'backdoor' and store it on your servers in PL and cause mass disruption. But as usual like I predict, Puntites will want to first 'experience' it like Galkacyo hordes before they take 'steps for cyber security' but I say be 'prepared' now and send out a 'batch' of ppl to learn 'IT SECURITY'. It's the next war front in the first world, so when their done after 50 years, it will begin to come into the 'third world' with weaker 'infrastructure' in place.

I learned IT security and work in it in govt ministry of australia, so I can definitely help puntites understand the ins and out of how it all operates and organize my dept to send trainors to secure 'assets' and pass on the knowledge transfer. Because security isn't just the technology but also the building, ppl access, it's also about creating islands not 'centralized' as somalis know the 'problems of centralism' it's the same in technology, u also need so much more like 'tech heads' watching out on new software and 'exploits' found and securing PL servers from those exploits. It requires education of users not to click on emails as they use that fishing 'ur financial numbers' and shit in ways u won't be able to 'tell' some are very sophisticated because the idea of security is if u can tell then they not really hackers but called 'script kiddies' in our industry. They just copy code templates into software programming tool and have no clue it was aalready 'closed that loophole' when discovered kkkkkk.

I'd love to come to puntland and prepare their IT security policy with australian experts. They will need it, u already got indian builders in puntland it wont take long till indians tell em about 'coders' in india who can do this and that for u against 'hawiye' and some clown will do it and it will trigger a cyber war as the next front between puntites not just economic war and gun war and political war. The war just keeps changing face in SOMALIA, be prepared at all times

I would love to leave that as a contributing legacy from bah dubays to PL so my descendants have a stepping stone for the future. While bah dir can leave behind our legal framework using 'abdiqawi' who is so smart he does international world legal system
1 billion shilling is around 25000-30000$ not 2k.
Thanks I just get googled I must of been tired when reading the exchange rate. Still 25k with 2 billion GDP isn't going to really cause a melt down in my opinion in the markets. The liklihood it will target only 'one business' is unlikely. How quick they execute it also might be factor, 25k hit in a day would be felt but if spread over a few months won't be big shock. I am not saying it won't cause disturbance and unrest and businesses refusing the somali shilling, it will, and it may lead the 'peasant' class who use the shilling not being able to buy things as the shilling is banned.

Waxay raban inay dadka danyarta ah oo suuqa wax ka iibsado in laga xiro oo shillinga la yirahdo 'its false' u cant use it and their like 'well i dont use dollar since my income is small' and the business will send them away. If that happens it could lead to protests, riots, looting even and police clashes. Now wat wud be interesting is if it did 'reach' our market undetected and businesses were not 'aware' of the false currency, they must have 'local mechanism' to spot a 'fake' though the traders as it's probably not the first time they been attacked and has raised the 'caution' like galkacyo has the same level of 'guns pointed at the hordes' the bosaso ppl have their 'cash' knowledge up to date about the hordes kkkkkk. That's why I am suprised the hordes are trying this cawaan strategy in a society oo kuligooda 'heegaan' ku jira, i wouldnt bother my time and kill em with investments lik siyad barre as that worked. Like if @Calaf did a real project in my village of significance that we measure as 'dhaxal' like road n port of siyad, it cud lean my clans to picks up arms against the govt if it 'says no' u cant do it 'sfg' it cud lead to 'im centralist' looooool u see political clashes on federalism because they see that 'horumar'. I am talking major project like 'electrifcation of puntland' and multi million dollar plant, well that sort of stuff i mean it will just make MJS leave PL runti like we did ssdf.
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Sorry My analysis is wrong maybe or not fully taking into consideration key factors. SSDF horta jabhad weeye so that was easily traded away for port/road with most nugaalis/bari ppl walking away from SSDF. I think reer mudug hung on a bit before abdillahi was told by menguistu your not good investment as you been comprised by siyad barre. If they didn't do that we wouldn't have the port and road today so it was wise decision. Will they do that for a major project to leave puntland, that is a dawlad, maybe not maybe yes but it will cause 'strife' politically I know that and as usual the ISIMO will be called as they will be the final call. But that's when south is stable like PL not now of course they arent trading joining the south for anything thy have to offer but in the future 'we dont know' it depends on the leader and how shrewd he is like @Calaf adeer was. But it wont be hawiye that is that smart hell no, it will prolly be a marehan but they dont have the 'south in order' to negiotate lol i mean 'zoogasi' iyo 'fencekasi' intay muqaato he knows he isn't wasting his time with PL. He wants more time I think farmajo to leave a legacy and he wants the hordes in order but they are unpredictable as he knows he knows waa kastumo isbadelaayso anytime no 'word' no 'heeshish' just 'cawaan' is moodo inu 'ka badin dono banooniga' kkkk, they do try hard and have some sort darod guilt for them marehan thinking thy will get better one day and then his running to kaxandaale to stop the hordes kkkkk. He knows most marehan are darodist now he is the only one that pro hawiye for the oddest reason that noone can explain beyond 'kab iyo lax fear'. They think by killing them with love brotherly and nidaam and structure they will be responsive and then he gets acall the hordes just invaded and killed the women n kids and ran of again kkkk
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If Marehan did leave hawiye alliance oh my oh my would that be huge blow to the 'cawaans' they wud be back down to themselves against like 91 and unguided, it wud lead to green lines i assume as 'bare minimum' and all out war of 'arey xaa la booba'. Most marehans are gone besides 'reer diini' their traditional dhaxal which is why it's hard to get all marehan onboard without them due to the 'nidaam'. It doesnt matter who u negiotate with in hawiye its one problem after another clan after clan. We tried negiotating with 'reer diii' we loved YOOLKA true darodist. if they produced more yoolka in reer diini they wud have no objecton from PL, its the HAG LOVER REER DIINI thats causing the rift like saacid hurdaaye he was another hagist but his brother is darodist. See marehans are split like that even in one family. They need to have an 'official' policy I say on where they will go hag or darod and not swing to both or else u will die in the middle.
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Somali chauvinist
Part 2. Farmaajo and his owner, Fahad Yasin are still trying to cause inflation in Puntland.

Billions of shillings captured at Galkacyo's checkpoints.

Where is the proof that Farmaajo is involved? Why couldn't it be criminals from Puntland? They are involved in drug trade, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, and piracy. Why not also in counterfeiting currency? Not everything is Farmaajo's fault.