My older sister is a BLM Feminist...


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This girl really has the back of mfs that wouldn’t do the same for us Somalis. She brainwashed by liberals smh it makes me ashamed.


Warya amuus. I hope we have another protest here, I need to let off some steam on that racist store I went to a couple days ago.:umwhat:
Start quoting FBI crime statistic at the diner table and get under her skin.
"If they don't want to get shot, maybe they should stop committing so much crime" it'll be fucking hilarious :lolbron:


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Just cut her off and renounce her as your sister, it is hard task but worth the trouble, she will be awoke that way.

adam hassan

Cruising down a beach
Waryaa don’t be a nacas dayooth grab that bisad and make sure she knows her place.

next Thing you know your gonna have a jamario nephew with a fat ass nose

don’t cut her off either at first you’ll look weak she probably wants attention or got daddy issues