Mudug's finest passed away, former minister Abdirashid Hersi


Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
AUN Abdirashid Hersi Maxamuud. May Allah forgive his sins and reward him with Jannah in thks blessed nisful Shacbaan- second half of Shacbaan

He was active in Puntland politics since its inception. Became the first batch of MPs in 1998, and a Parliament Speaker, and rose to the ranks of minister of public affairs and minister of fishery.

He was one of my favourite minister. Puntland lost a great man and a greater defender of Puntland interests.

This is him defending the sovereignty of Puntland


I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
Finest pro Puntland Leelkase I have ever seen. He really believed in this project and rallied his clan to support the goverment. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.