Most Somali people are huge followers

I’ve realized why I never really clicked with a lot of Somali girls and I realize it’s bc they are somebody who marches to the beat of their own drum I get bored of people that just do what everybody else does. I love eccentric, unique people and my closest Somali friend is a girl who is very similar to myself (has her own style, sense of humour, not afraid to be herself)

It seems that with most Somali girls when you’ve met one you’ve met them all. Especially if they are friends, they take each other’s style, way of speaking, sense of humour etc etc. Not sure if faraxs are the same as I interact with women more. But yea. Has anyone else noticed this

Hot Ballah

I do something called "what I want"
this applies to all girls Ive realized, actually, it applies to all people.

Everybody’s a follower and everybody thinks they’re unique. You’re not special, I’m 99% sure somebody sees you as a follower as well.

People are unique when you actually get to know them. They don’t have to be boisterous/flamboyant in some way for them to “not be a follower”. They can enjoy mainstream media’s and trends while still enjoying niche things.


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