Mo Farah's Brothers say Olympic hero's cut them off and forgotten his roots

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Mo Farah's brothers on rift: Olympic hero's forgotten his roots and didn't invite Dad to wedding

In fact, Muktar Farah has not heard from his son in several years, according to the superstar athlete’s brothers Mahad and Ahmed.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Mirror, the brothers – who have a different mother – also told of their sadness at learning of Mo’s 2010 wedding to childhood sweetheart Tania through a newspaper.

And they claim Muktar, 53, was devastated when he was not invited.

Mahad revealed: “That hurt my father the most. He wanted to see his son get married in real life, not in a newspaper.

“He didn’t want to wake up the next morning and find out his son had got married with-out him.

“They used to be best friends. But things have changed since he got famous.”

But the pair claimed he lost touch when he started to achieve success.

Mahad said: “He just went his own way and stopped speaking to us.

“It’s like he forgot his roots – that’s the reason why my dad and him don’t speak. I haven’t even met his kids yet.”
Mahad said: “The man has his own foundation. He has helped millions, and inspired us all. But he’s our brother, and I don’t know if sacrificing your entire family is worth it.”

Ahmed said: “God knows the amount of stress and hardship my dad went through to leave a country that was in civil war, to come and to start a life here and to bring us over.

“That, in itself, I owe him for ever for it. He went through a lot to bring us all here so we could have a better life.”

Mahad added: “We’re a proper family unit, and we always help each other through the worst times. It p***** me off. My aunt even hired a coach just to get him to one of his events once.”



The one on the left waa nin nolosha ka dhacey - ebber loser waaxid. Also, when did we start referring to our families as 'roots' belaayo Jamaykaan iska dhigtay.
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