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MISSING: Young Somali boy missing in Iowa, USA


Here is a more thorough article: https://www.businessinsider.com/tar...i-abdi-sharif-des-moines-disappearance-2020-1

    1. January 17 was a snow day, so Abdi had the day off from school.
    2. His mother drove him to the mall that evening after he told her that he'd been called in for a shift.
    3. He asked her to to pick him up at 9:30 p.m.
    4. Abdi's loved ones say that neither he nor his sister were scheduled to work that night.
    5. Target provided police with footage of Abdi in the store and he appears to be wearing a dark winter coat, khakis, and sneakers and also seen holding a phone, with earbuds plugged into his ears.
    6. Sgt. Parizek, declined to say what time exactly Abdi left the Target store.
    7. His phone was either shut off or completely drained of its battery shortly after his disappearance.
    8. Abdi's sister and Levine are attempting to access his Apple account, to access data regarding his phone's location.
    9. Despite requests for expedited access, Apple has told them that they may not be able to get into the account until February 20.
    10. Detectives have gone to businesses and homes in the area to check if anyone has captured Abdi on video.
    11. "At this point, the only thing that we can say is that we found some evidence that indicates that his absence is voluntary," Parizek said.
    12. His sister and Levine have expressed worry about Abdi's health as he has missed weekly shots needed to treat his allergies.
    13. Levine flew to Des Moines after Abdi disappeared, and she and Abdi's sister have launched their own search for clues in his disappearance.
    14. They have gained access to his Snapchat, Facebook, emails, and bank account but haven't yet found anything that sheds light on what happened to him.
@sigmund possible theories

  • He and his mum got into an argument and he decided to go to his friends house to cool off? Hence why she didn't report him?
  • Sharif's mother said she spent the last 12 days crying in her son's room.
  • @Abdi Caato looks like the De Moines Police Department are starting to not believe the 'he left voluntary' bit.

"I've had people say to me: 'He's an adult. What if he just decided to leave?' Well, if he's an adult and decided to leave, that's OK, but there is nothing here to indicate that's what happened," said Sgt. Paul Parizek, with Des Moines police.
Thanks for the thorough details this case is so puzzling like we need to know more about his family did he get into any argument prior to his diappearence or anything to suggest hostility towards his parents? what about that snapchat comment what was that all about and it was on the day of his disappearence is it connected? why didnt the family report him missing when he didnt show up to the car to go home? so many holes and we need answers.


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@General Asad thanks for all the information, like @sigmund I’m puzzled by this case I do hope he’s found safe. I don’t know how far he could’ve went if he just wanted to cool off. The sad reality is police would’ve taken this more serious if it was a white 17 year old kid gone missing.
Feb 20 came and went (they were supposed to release his Apple files) and reverse track it.

@sigmund @NotMyL @Abdi Caato

Any updates guys? :( I suspected foul play but its slowly becoming more obvious. :i83dwbv:
there are no new leads unfortunately, he has been missing for more than a month now but police still have no idea what may have happened

abdullahi's family announced 2 days ago that they are hiring a private investigator and organizing their own search party to look for him since police have not been successful in locating him
Now the family is taking matters into their own hands while continuing to work with police. With a private investigator hired and a search party planned in Des Moines on Friday, Fadumo Ahmed, Sharif's mother, hopes her son will finally return home.
The search party is scheduled for today at 11 AM
Community leader and state Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad has been helping Sharif's family locate him.

"A search party will take place on Friday," Abdul-Samad said. "Right now, there's no leads. We're still looking at cameras and still trying to put things together. All we can do is hope and pray."

A search party has been put together at 11 a.m. Friday. Volunteers will meet at Freedom Blend Coffee on 2329 Hickman Road.

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@sigmund @Abdi Caato @NotMyL

“We’re doing everything we can to connect the pieces. I follow every tip that comes in because one of those could lead us to Abdi,” she said. “Someone knows something. People don’t just disappear.”


Here is dua for a missing person:

  • Read any two rakah prayers at afternoon time
  • Read Surah Al-Qasas
  • Make dua to bring back that missing person (at the same time everyday)
  • Do this every day for 40 days continously.
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sad to say this but hes most likely dead and his body might be in some like hard to find place like in a river or lake. no one goes missing for that long