Missing family


Hakuna matata
Does your family have missing family?
So in my family we do, both sides, my dad had one uncle who went missing ( he was marehan) and also my mother too.
Nobody knows there whereabouts, but not long ago we got informed by a family friend that they got a call from a family in ethiopia with our family name looking for their family, but they did not speak somali, they were speaking one of the Ethiopian languages . My mums uncle went away when he was 16 and never came back, those times there was no other form of communication like phone etc he would be in his 90’s or 100’s now, so the family just assumed he died and probably left no lineage. So now we found this news we are trying to get hold of that family friend and also get our family in Ethiopia to find them too.
Do you guys have stories like this? Im kind of sad by this .

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