Miss Somalia 2021 winner without makeup


Just Pick A Girl From The North East

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I know that this is sad but I am surprised by how much darker she is compared to the popular social media women in Somalia

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Makeup and bleaching should be treated as a criminal offense specially when it leads to a marriage.

Now tell me please that this female is anywhere near the one at the contest

This is unacceptable.
Good. I want her to participate in Miss Africa and lose. Maybe Somalis will be humbled and stop talking about their looks all the time on Twitter.

Vanity is a .
She just looks several shades darker. Its either that she was wearing Foundation that is a lot lighter or lighting also played a role. Her features actually look exactly the same tbh.


not miss Somalia, only one qabil competed in this whole sham of a process, having said that no need to insult the girl.


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Am I missing something? Why are people acting like she has grotesque skin or something? She has beautiful even skin. People are so brainwashed and can't tell what a real person is supposed to look like anymore.
The shameless faraaxs in this thread are calling her ogress/disgusting when she’s actually decent. Unbelievable :icon rolleyes:
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