Minnesota has gone to shit

Yeah, I heard muggings and robberies have increased... I'm not from Minneapolis but was thinking of moving there soon. What areas would you recommend I stay away from? I've already been told not to hang around too much in North Minneapolis.
Yeah for sure not the North. Honestly would be best 4 u 2 look outside of Minneapolis just not worth it. Maybe St.paul, Eagan, Burnsville cities that are more safer would be the best option.


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They vilify police officers to the point they take stress leave or quit. Police officers that remain don't police anymore because they're scared they'll be called a racist.

Kulahaa “police officers don’t police anymore cos they’re scared of racism”

What are they getting paid for then?

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Move to Utah, Arizona, alot of Somalis are realizing that liberal havens aka sanctuary cities are hell holes.


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Any areas in Amerikkka with a lot madows turns to shit just look at Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Alabama