met a somali dime today

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Went over to a chill shisha spot and i seen these two somali dimes chillin looking at us so me n my boy walk over take a seat and we chopped up crazy for like 2-3hrs
She was crazy over me laughin at dumb shit i say
Im seein her on Tuesday again
I dropped her off nd went for a kiss shes like wait till tuesday
damn need to take her to a nice place shes a 8/10 sexy as fk.
Met this Somali dime today at university. I asked her to give me direction to the student union, she said sure ill take you there myself.

So we walking together and in my mind I thought this is a perfect way to strike up a conversation.

I asked her how many years was she here.

"The student union is just there" she replied.

"okay thanks, but you haven't answered my question" I replied back.

"Bye" ..she walks off.

I feel suicidal now.

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