Mentally Ill Cadaan Girl THROWS HER DOG at Black Guy

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Wtf is this chick on
Karen’s need a proper beat down this is what happens when all you say is “yes” to your kids and then they go to the real world and they don’t get there way she has a fat “back” I’ll give her that though he also has every right to hit her since she’s hitting him it’s called “self defense” saaxiib and why is her back slouched like that disgusting she needs to fear Allah fam seriously either she’s on crack or something or else or just mentally ill fam I hate seeing animal abuse it’s just so sad fam they done need that sh*t
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C'mon man
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Sometimes when I see the extremely mentally ill (usually homeless people) I get nazi ideas in my head of that they should be euthanized. @Yonis :mjlaugh: :wow1:

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That was well handled by the dude. I can tell majority of cadaans watching that their empathy began when the dog got thrown.


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subhanallah, this chick is tripping balls wallah, her pupils are dots:


stay away from dugs soomaliyeeeen


Look at her constricted pupils. She's definitely on some type of downer drug like H or Fenty.

I get straight demonic possession vibes from her. She must be having a bad trip


Cadaanka iska ilaali
She sounds exaxtly like my neighbor. Both of these women are mentally ill. My neighbor randomly comes to our house without permission and talks about her cat and her cigars or whatever. She talks like that women in that vid. Must be related :noneck:

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I’m a Comedian
I can’t believe she threw that dog fam she didn’t even hold it right and notice the dog ran to him first she obviously abused the dog if that was me I would’ve smacked her fam and knocked her out then take good care of the dog
I’m calling the Dog Lover @kurobecky08 animal abuse is disgusting and unneeded I wonder what else she did to the dog and when the dog whimpered that hit my soul such a small dog got tossed to concrete damn