Mama Malyun says she got breast cancer

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From faking leaving Islam, to faking a suicide which pissed me of, she needs therapy no buts no if, I'm going to start reporting endlessly her channels and every other Somali channel that promotes bs like this.

We get it you went through some horrible ordeal, but to turn that ordeal into a joke and make money of it, is a slap to every young and old individual who committed suicide, who is going through real serious abuse at the moment.

I'm starting to doubt she even went through any of this stuff she is talking about, i wouldn't past it this older people cos i know their true nature these elders are messed up people.

But I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

@AussieHustler @Knowles is there something to what I'm saying ? or I'm i over reacting, please give me your thoughts it would be much appreciated.


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She needs an intervention!

This is what happens when some people get attention. They don’t know how to act.
@Steamdevolopment since you gave me a qashin, let me ask you are you okay with a person who deceives and manipulate's people ? no matter what, and it's only for their own gain.

Second this matter is no joke, cos i know and have to deal with it all the time, i have a close person who's family members committed suicide, and i have seeing a person who committed suicide right infront of me.

So this topic hits very close to home for me, this women and not only her i met a few of her likes, will do everything to make money no matter What, if she was serious she would of gone to therapy, and I'm 110% sure America has the best therapists on earth, so I'm asking you @Steamdevolopment is my anger baseless and unfound ?
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