i have this incredible fascination and attachment to luxury. whenever i can
i travel first class, stay in 5 star hotels, try to dress in the best( for this reason alone
in order to fit into the best clothes i can afford i lost close to 40 kg after missing out on
a lot of beautiful clothing due to lack of sizes for me, believe you me my relationship
with luxury is close to orgasmic, and in my experiences i have fully concurred that uixury
and beauty are twins for whenever i am enjoying my luxurious experiences be it in hotels.
planes, airport lounges( i love lounges and the best i have been to is the al safwa first class
one in doha) or department stores i always seem to be surrounded by beautiful people.
ah the conveniences of luxury whenever i observe it seems to explain all the wars, conflicts
political competitions and the such ileen they are all competing to enjoy this facilities and
conveniences for themselves and their loved ones. i ascribe to the adage luxury once experienced
becomes a necessity.the disclaimer being that you have to have the right state of mind to continuously
enjoy it
u lost 40 kg?
yes i did madam a sacrifice for the sake of fashion and looks call me vain if you want but some of us
do really like ourselves
Sounds like someone who vicarously live thorough on an Instagram post😀
like i said before i dont even have a smart phone so no social media. all my experiences whether
nefarious or innocent are private for me alone


SSpots starting point guard
What do you benefit from this? I wanna know why you even do this, it can’t be because you just like Luxurious things. Are you ugly?
What do you benefit from this? I wanna know why you even do this, it can’t be because you just like Luxurious things. Are you ugly?
believe you me it has a soothing effect on one, it gives me a certain high and massages my ego
and makes life extremely convenient and easy, e.g. when you travel first class, they send a chauffeur
driven executive car to pick you and you are glided to a private terminal where they are absolutely no ques
and then checked in and led to a luxurious lounge filled with all types of free food and reading materials,
showers, relaxing room and then onto the plane where you are literally housed in a suite with bed and every
conceivable amenity, meal on demand throughout the flight( the most prettiest hostesses are reserved for
first class and they spoil you knowing that somehow you can change their lives). then when you land first of the plane and after a smooth no que exit another executive chauffeur ready to drop you wherever. and on the looks
side on the contrary i am fair to the eyes

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