Lower caste Indian woman has been r*ped by 139 men

i remember seeing an article where a dalit guy got killed for owning a horse. that caste system, and what they do in the name of it, is disgusting


A pious muslima.
wallahi how can you live in peace and while being an atheist hein?

how come are they satisfied that people like those perverts will die and not receive any punishment.

I hope they receive their punishment filthy porks.
I pray for that woman, May Allah guide and forgive her.
raping somebody over caste ? in what pre bornzeage century do these street shitters live in :kodaksmiley:
nah they do disgusting shit then justify it with caste. if she was upper caste they wouldve wanted to rape her too; being a dalit just made it easier for them to do it.
The treatment of Dalit people remains an abysmal disaster. They are treated as subhumans. The vast majority of the rape you hear about in rural India is done to Dalit (untouchable) women.

This is an unspoken truth but caste discrimination is rife in first generation Indian diasporas. Absolutely rife.

The one benefit of the caste system is that Dalits are very prone to convert to other religions to escape their caste position. Ambedkar's Dalit movement (to convert Dalits to Buddhism) rocked India with half a million conversions in 1956. Hindus live in fear that Dalits may convert to Islam above all.

It's not even a brown thing, some of the nicest people I've met were from Nepal and I thought they were straight up Indian, Pakistanis are alright, I've met a few folks from Banglasdesh, they were decent. Sanjeets however....indians.....:susp: