Somaliland Locally produced milk


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SBI already has a huge state of the art factory in hargeisa that makes beverages

Great successful family who have a string of companies in Djibouti and Somaliland

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Awesome! local fat cats will take note to stop importing stuff we could manufacture at home.


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That looks nice I gotta give it a try hopefully they gonna price it so everyone can afford it like 1 dollar each But if they price is 4-5 bucks than they wont get any customers


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Masha Allah will it be available in puntland?
Probably yes, PL & SL beef is mainly political. SBI exports to all of the horn. all u have to look at is the border between the two the amount of cars / lorries that pass between the two
This is a good investment, not only does it provide jobs locally it also cuts out the need to go overseas for simple products like this, saves PL the extra cost of exporting from overseas, we can then create another industry that is needed in the country!!!