Live From Galkayo Puntland: Never Mix Politics & Business, Farmaajo Iyo Kenya Beef

Alhumduallahi I have been in the holly land now over two weeks my 4th trip in 5 years.
One thing I have noticed Immediately is the Mirra Khat from Kenya has been banned from the Country since the outbreak of Covid-19.
But the country is flooded with the nasty Khat from Ethiopian a business deal not politics that Farmaajo is behind to get the Kenyans to get behind him. As you know Mirra is big business for Kenya. I could careless about Khat but one thing I hate is hypocrisy. To tell Somalis Khat has been banned, when only Kenyan Mirra has been banned and Ethiopia Khat given a monopoly in the Khat trade in Somalia is beyond me. This is not politics it's business and very stupid.

We have Millions of Somalis doing Business in Kenya vs perhaps a few Thousand in Ethiopia. Why is this retard bringing business into Politics on his way out?
Anyways that's my stance on that issue. If you guys have other other questions or comments for me please feel free to ask away.

Also will be heading to Kismayo to Visit Family soon and Xamar. :)