Liberal Child Abuse

When you hear "violent extremist," what image comes to mind?

Is it the image of loving parents who oppose a "family sex show" theater production designed to expose children to the genitalia of adult performers who teach kids how to engage in various gay sex acts?

Well, that is what violent extremism means in 2022. As liberal secularism steams ahead full speed, if you don't keep up, you are a violent extremist. That is just what you are. Don't even try to deny it.

And FYI, the government is justified in using full executive and extra-judicial power to neutralize anything that even comes close to violent extremism. So... enjoy the drone strikes!
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El Nino

War illeen balaayo
White people have no problem with being butt naked in front of children. Just go to a swimming center, grown men walking naked in front of boys. Dadkaan Ilaahow aa umagan