Let's talk creative environmentalism

King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
What if, we could turn trash into clean renewable energy to power our homes?
Have a built-in energy converter from the trash disposal that gets filtered into
Clean Environmental Energy? The idea just came to my head a minute ago cos
There has to be a science for everything. The idea may potentially work since
Who wants the world smogged with landfills? Yuck! Just so wastefully destructive.
Instead, if we could turn trash into a clean renewable energy - then energy costs
Would also be more efficient from homes being able to self energize from trash.

Anybody else got some neat ideas out there, post freely on this thread (no trolls)

King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
Another idea in transforming this idea further is when the converter turns the trash to renewable fuel for cycling energy. It will have to emit some sort of steam out right? But what if this was a light enough steam to not pollute air nor do anything crazy to Earth's ozone layer. So, it would need some sort of self insulation that filters itself waste into a clean scented emission that disappates into the air leaving a wonderful clean subtle smell. This could be a environmentally life saving idea. Powering buildings at half the cost, reducing pollution, and keeping power more balanced.

If anyone else has any ideas for any inventions that could potentially be beneficial to the evironment, post on this thread.

King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
I was just thinking of ideas to please God, make life happy, and the living conditions of all people more satisfied. An invention like this by some super smart scientists could possibly change the way of things to come.

Like, instead of land fills, instead of trash being littered into rotting waste, instead of paying high bills for energy, instead of people going without. An easy system like this will be easy to take care of, and theoretically could work more practical.
I feel like it was a inspired idea that came from the one that crowns honest good souls.

Also just imagine in big urban cities worldwide that smelled nicer and rememberal. Just, random thoughts that sprung into my head because I can't sleep.