Left islam for a haircut

486th President

Ex Muslims are lowkey stupider than Qabil (Cain) niggas will do the stupidest things to leave Islam :snoop:

And they always being having punchable faces smh he seems immature as well... hair?!?!? :ohlord:


It’s not that serious
Ain’t no way a true believer would leave the deen over something so petty. He probably wanted to party and live that haram life


Live life to the fullest
That's probably the dumbest reasonings ever!

What so you're leaving religion because of a pathetic haircut and not because you disagree with certain aspects of theism.

Deplorable, I'm actually speechless.

Not all ex Muslims are like this Bengali guy , he just as awful as that Apostate Prophet on YT , they're seeking attention.

You should ignore them.

They are making it harder for other like minded individuals that want to live their lives quietly


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