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By the grace of God and the generosity of the Somaliland government, may this month of Ramadan allow for more developments in the regional capital of Sool, Somaliland.

Biggest boarding school in Somalia.

300 primary school students. Two boarding secondary schools for 600 students with full accommodation including sports fields.
It comes up with Lascaanood when you search it on google.

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Yeah. Also I've noticed something is wrong with Laascaanood google search. It shows pictures from 2008 - 2012.

Its very hard to find good quality picture. You have to take your own picture with your camera.

For me most of my relatives and the dhulbabante friends I know live in Buuhoodle so I can't get anyone to get good pictures for me...
Gurmad Energy. Right now reer laascaanood will have cheap easy accessible renewable energy thanks to Mohanrd Jabutawi.

Cheapest Electricity in Somaliland

Lots of officials and famous people attend the ceremony Even Sooraan and Jawaan attended :sass2:

Whenever Siilanyo is visiting laascaanood he. Needs to bring 50 car for security or else he will get assassinated :lol:

10 of the cars are carrying somalilanders from.Togdheer :lol:

All the Somaliland fans in laascaanood are couple of isaaq minority and some goons being paid
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