Kkkk Vardy rejects Assanal signs 4 year contract with Leicester city

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Free Wi-Fi > Free Palestine
Arsenal fans are now saying they didn't rate him anyway. They're hurt lol.

Im not surprised vardy actually wants to win trophies smart moves from him. Esp now that deeney might sign with em. Deeney is really good at flick ons which a player like vardy would eat off.
Good riddance:kobeok:

I didn't get why we wanted to sign him in the first place.
He is not suited to play football THE ARSENAL WAY:diddyswag:
How many star players yall gonna be link to with :childplease:

eventually then sign a babakary cisse form ligue 3 :cryinglaughsmiley::cryinglaughsmiley:
It's over, no more of that shit.
Yaya sanogo should be a lesson.
Wenger knows his legacy is hanging on a balance.
He has to deliver this coming season.
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