Khabib Nurmagomedov says Ring Girls are the 'most useless people in martial arts'!


Western Sports prostitute women for the male gaze, that's all this is about, getting profit from male perverts who like watching barely dressed women parading.

The West is so sexist towards women and through sport and other avenues, like to sexualise them for profit.
For instance, why do female athletes have to wear small nigis which they constantly have to dig out of their butt? It's unsanitary and humiliating.

Some of these sports are just basically ography, like Volleyball and Tennis, we all know who these skimpy outfits are for and it's not other women.

They claim they are so 'free' and 'progressive' and about 'female choice', but they actually fined the Norwegian Teams for refusing to wear Bikinis to play handball.

The Germans had enough of these revealing outfits and finally made a stance:

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Sex sells like it or not but people like to a nice piece of ass


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Completely right.

Was so funny seeing all these MMA bros getting triggered talking about women’s rights and job opportunities.

They only have ring girls to satisfy their disgusting male gaze and objectification of women.