Jubba Airways gives FREE flights to PL Government Officials to maintain monopoly

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Somalia: Jubba Airways pays Hajj for top government officials to maintain monopoly

GAROWE, Puntland - GO has learnt that Jubba Airways, a privately owned airline operating in Somalia has paid Hajj expenses for top Puntland government officials, including Ministers to maintain monopoly, Garowe Online reports.

The carrier's owner has joined in the Federal Parliament of Somalia last year, to defend his business interests, earning millions of dollars in revenue from the lucrative flights for pilgrims to Islam's holiest sites in Saudi Arabia in every year.

Jubba Airways charges more than $ 3,900 USD to fly each pilgrim from Somalia to the port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, as the airline companies in the nighbouring Djibouti providing low-cost Hajj packages with estimated less than $ 2,000 USD.

The Somalis said they are facing further price hikes in the booking of Hajj packages with Jubba Airways, forcing many citizens to drop out of their journey to the holy city of Mecca in to mark the Hajj, the fifth and final pillar of Islam.

Each year, the airline provides free transport services and hotel accommodations for the top officials of Somalia's Federal government and the leaders of the regional administrations performing Hajj, to secure and maintain its monopoly trade.

- How does the company intervene when pilgrims lodge their complains to Somali leaders?

Last year, members of Puntland Parliament listened the pilgrims' concerns the increase of the Hajj costs, and have lodged their complaint to the state cabinet, especially the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Civil Aviation.

"When we succeeded in our efforts to take action against Jubba Airways, we have been informed the next day that the airline offered covering an all-expenses-paid trip to the Hajj pilgrimage for the two ministers handling the case in that year," said legislator, who asked not to be named.

Reports said, President Ali who has cancelled a free Hajj trip last year due to a busy schedule has travelled on small plane to the port town of Bossaso, before leaving for Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj after free flight given by Jubba Airways.

Over the past few days, people cross Somalia have been complaining about the extraordinary increase of the Hajj fee, and calling on Federal government to swiftly intervene and take an action against Jubba Airways's monopoly.

The sources added that Jubba Airways gives partial of the money earned from annual Hajj revenues to the Federal Government of Somalia, a deal that has been going during the previous governments formed after the collapse of the former military regime in 1991.

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, and Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, both vowed in the past to fight any kind of corruption in the country, but they have not yet taken an action against Jubba Airways.

-Additional Updates'

Some of the Hajj-bound Somali pilgrims, who spoke to the London-based Somali Channel, Universal TV have accused the Hajj Service Providers about lack of better service when they arrived in Saudi Arabia.

The pilgrims from the country say they are now in hotels with no refrigerators, and far from the holy sites in Mecca, despite paying nearly $4,000 USD to the airline companies for the Hajj services, adding that there is a big gap in the service for them and the Somalis from abroad.


Imagine going Hajj with haram money, acudu bilahi

Subxanallah, we are truly living in the final days, in the US it costs over 8k for each person to make hajj, how the hell can someone from Somalia fork out 4k to these thieves when it only costs 2k in Djibouti
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