Jubalander Marehan Patriots Abuse Gedo Rebels

See this gedo shenaningans is just being done because of farmajo wanting to control sade portion as he fears JL controlled sade portion will work against him. Gedo is part n parcel of JL and we urge our brothers in gedo to stop following a 4 year leader who will throw u to the dogs when he leaves and respect your homeland Jubaland. Your president is Madoobe. Farmajo is a president of Mogadishu as he has no power outside Mogadishu
What is worse is the Ogaden who think one bon loves them more than the other. They are all the same. If the ones in Gedo were better, why are they still occupying a state they know isnt theirs. As for the the so called smart ones, they know they are weak for now and when they get a little power tomorrow will not hesitate to use it against Ogaden, mercilessly, to the point of wiping you out. Smarten up nimanyahow. Somalis have never been secretive with their hatred for us but its you who are just gullible.


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