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Jordan Peterson ancient Egyptian myths


He knows how to capture a class, but that’s not how the myth goes...

Myths are genuinely fascinating though. I recommend The Great Courses; they delve into them from all over.
I think he tends to reduce everything to psychology.

I think he is liberal, I am not a fan of him. I think he's used by the liberal elite for subverting conservatism. The media cooperates him in a way that wouldn't happen were he conservative like he's portrayed.

(btw I'm a religious conservative- I'm not for white nationalism and that's not the kind of conservatism I'm for)
He is against globalization (for example, talks shit about the EU), you can't be a liberal with that stance.
Globalization is neo-colonialism. People are right to oppose it.

And the idea that he would appear to take right-wing positions makes perfect sense if he is a crypto-liberal who is promoted to subvert conservatism. He is used to water down conservatism and make it liberal. A lot of the "conservatism" of today is the liberalism of 10 years ago.

the second video is super long (i listened to it a while ago) but it goes into detail and I pretty much agree with how he explains Jordan Peterson....

also, for reference.... I'm from Texas.... Peterson is Canadian...... what's "conservative" in Canada and what's conservative where I'm from are very different things..... what seems far right to Canadians can be super liberal to me (interestingly- at least to me- is the guy critiquing Peterson is also a Southerner)


It's all so tiresome
I wonder if JP was open about his political leanings before he started to pick up a following?

Could easily see him adapting his message to fit his audience.