Johnny Not-Sômali got arrested in Japan .

Shit all over my feed , and everyone thinks this xayawaan is Somali .
I have been trying so hard to dodge these Ls for a while like I was Neo, but I guess it's a futile endeavour.
we gotta collect them all , even when it's not ours .



King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
some say he is Ethiopian or Somali-American.
regardless of origin, he's sure 100% a big dork.
By the way, Ismael Ramsey Khalid was arrested for
breaking into the planned construction site of a hotel.

Basically, from the gist of it, Japan been had enough of his special-ed trolling.
Possibly he may get deported (and banned from Japan) for being an annoyance.


“ No-No-No-No-Nonsense…”
I lost faith in humanity …
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