Jeff bezos with s, billionaire playboy

what do yall think

  • jeff is a g

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  • idiot, she should stay away from and focus on staying the richest.

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This guy is inspiration, he went from a lost beta tech incel looking nerd in this 30s to a muscular bulit alpha richest man in the world. apparently his wife getting a divorce because he can't stop running through all the s with his and i quote him "big willy". he is out here dicking down married women in his private jet, she's married to guy on the left, :mjlol: he's cuckolding guys on a daily basis


BEFORE, in early 30s, worth less than $100k, receding hairline, punchable face, bad fashion sense and to top it up a "weak chin" as @Knowles famously says

AFTER, in his late 50s worth over $150 Billion, masculine bold face, built physique. he looks like a personal trainer, not a guy who sits in a office all day running a trillion dollar business.
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