Jeegaan Facebook Mama Abuse West Burco


they put on a show online the jeegaan kids acting like they hate darood wallahi they wud prefer a dhulbahante president over @Bohol they even prefer majerten take all the burco and erigavo trade before a @Bohol EVEN THE MAMA SAID THAT SAYING SHE WILL VOTE FOR ANYONE OTHER THEN HY and said she wants garhajis to remain poor and not be rich bay tiri because all their trade is taken MJ. They did this remember when bohol came asking for power in dahir rayale election, all the isaaq collapsed and were scared shitless and said listen lets dahir rayale rule before that HY, everytime bohol comes for power, they will pass it to someone else, next is possibly dhulbahante haday arintu noqoto bohol, they will.

It's like similar to MJ hate for Hawiye, that's the level of hate there is for HY in somaliland. Because it touches at the bulsho level like how hawiye hate is at the bulsho level in mj also.