Is this inappropriate?

Do you support young girls being forced to wear the hijab/jilbab?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • No.

    Votes: 3 20.0%
  • I support women wearing hijabs, but not prepubescent girls.

    Votes: 9 60.0%
  • I think all females (including little girls) should be forced to wear the niqab.

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • I think all Islamic veils should be banned.

    Votes: 1 6.7%

  • Total voters
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The school policy obviously the problem, probably bankrolled by sand ******* forcing their ideology on us, gullible niggas fallin for the Muslim shit then wonder why they kids blowin themselves up in marka or damascus.
well that escalated quick:whoa: whats the link between wearing a hijab and blowing your self up
it is a islamic school what you expect them to wear
I don't agree with everything Bahal has said but after a bit of googling it seems like these uniforms are forced on public school students as well. Even if it were an Islamic school, a young girl who has yet to reach puberty should not be wearing the veil. The purpose of the veil is to cover awrah and the awrah of a young girl is her chest and nether regions. If we look at this from a cultural perspective, the jilbab is not part of our dhaqan and was imported from the Middle East during the 1980s. There's no reason why young Somali girls should be forced to dress this way.
ok i didnt know they were being forced if thats the case i totaly agree with you


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There's not enough options. How about young girls who want to wear the hijab? :drakewtf: Like my 5 year old sis for example. She throws a fit if you tell her she can't wear it, I tried hiding it from her but she cries her eyes out. Little kids copy what adults do. She see her mum do it and she wants to do it.
Your little sister wants to wear the Hijab because your mother does and not because she knows what it symbolizes and/or is ready to wear it. The question I was trying to ask is whether or not it's ideal for a small children to wear attire that's meant to ward off sexual attention. It's irrelvant whether they want to or not because children do not have the mental capacity to understand the purpose of the Hijab, thus they can not make an informed decision about it.

From my own personal experience I have found that females whose parents forced them to wear Hijab too early usually end up hating it and either remove it later on in life or become transformers/undercovers. We don't more generations of this. :kobeok:


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it's disturbing when I see it. Where i live there's a Palestinian community and I've seen many of them put a hijab on a toddler. :drakewtf:

Legally adult females can and should do what they want.

The argument of "what if she wants it" is so fallacious and dishonest. So if next week she wants to wear a bikini you gonna allow her? Oh that's right you wouldn't.

Hijab in children sexualizes them. I'm not an authoritarian prick so I'm not into banning shit but I'd seriously discourage it

1. Kids are innocent and should enjoy their childhood and be able to run around without having to carry a piece of cloth on their head.

2. Dressing a child up the same way a woman would dress up sexualizes them and its wrong.


Children need physical protection from peadophiles. A hijab will not deter a peadophile, a gunweilding father or knife weilding uncle will.
I heard from somoene present in Mogadishu/Somalia that somali women both young and grown. Dont wear Burqa/jilbaab because they want to, but they wear it out of fear,

Jalbaab/Burka is not mandatory but people in somalia has become scared to wear anything but jalbaab and Indha shareer. I would say approximately 90% wear those two.

Because al shabaab threatening to kill women who are " naked" naked being, wearing maybe a baati and garbasaar.
Women don't wear jalbaab out of religion, they wear it out of fear.
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