Iraqis were asked “country with most beautiful people/country u wanna visit “. Both answers show both mental slavery plus Stockholm syndrome

Well, if you grew up in the West it's reasonable to infer that you would subscribe (at least to some extent) to Western conceptualisations of attractiveness. People underestimate the power of propaganda and popular culture.

Even before the advent of Western colonialism, certain groups already greatly valued light skin, so Europeans were already in prime position to benefit from that.

When our God-forsaken continent eventually pulls itself out of this unenviable position... it will obviously have to create and impose its own conceptualisations of attractiveness -- and Westerners won't be part of that.

I find it hilarious how people really believe that their perceptions of what is attractive isn't mostly influenced by popular culture and society at large. A lot of the things we find beautiful are generally features we've been socialised into finding attractive. Obviously, you'll get a small percentage who march to the beat of their own drum and have unique tastes.
Hence, generally speaking beauty is subjective.

If Sub-Saharan Africa was to ever become a super power and it's citizens were richer and more educated than the rest of the world, the world's beauty standard would be a stark contrast to the standards we have today. Dark skin, kinky hair and wider features would be seen as desirable. The world is a rather unpredictable place, you never know lol that could happen in the future.


If West Africans colonized the Americas and used West European slaves and the West African colonizers had a one drop rule against Euro blood protecting their purity and they somehow became the global super power, then today we would have the opposite phenomena.

Those Iraqis would say: ''Congo very beautiful, very black, women big ass, very nice''..


The King who reigned Mali, before Mansa Musa, set out of West Africa with a large fleet, with the aim of sailing West. Allah knows what became of that King and his fleet. Maybe they got lost at sea, maybe they got lost in the massive jungles of Latin America.
Olive skin, dark hair, fuller lips is what I find attractive in Arabs. Each to their own but I find a lot of Arabs good looking facially, unlike whites.
Alot of them resemble men no offence and they men hairy and short whites are better looking both men and women