IQ tests online

Ahmed Ato

Each one gives different questions and resutls. Also, a lot of questions some of them give seem like have nothing to do with intelligence but more to do with amount of knowledge you have.


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There was an IQ test thread a while back.



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I've done some test in real life
and online , there is a contrast , online gives you a false sense since it's not accurate.
There are many , countless sites that offer these unverified IQ tests , unfortunately it is not the real deal, I don't want to sound as a pessimist but these online tests are useless to determine your IQ, the score it gives you is in no way in representative of your likely score on a real Intelligent Qoutient Test.
I think it’s pretty obvious that tests likes these are brilliant marketing ploy to get people sharing it and driving traffic to their sites. The scores you can get is off putting. It’s playing on our egos to share how smart we think we are.

Otherwise you heavily engage and it waste your time.

However , I suggest you do a real test on a legitimate site.

There are several sites which conduct them.
not all are false sources , you just need to browse well enough through Google , it's like finding a needle in a haystack , avoid clicking on any link that have ads on the left side corner.