Interesting fact Chief Keef's Neighborhood was a racist amusement park before Parkway Gardens was built

It was a racist amusement park with no blacks allowed, that demonic energy in that area was something else. It was called White City Amusement Park.


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On Odee? On BD? Why you using those phrases like you from there? People wanna be hood so badly just be yourself.
Is joke sxb we all troll on this forum I don't roleplay hood niggas alhamdulilah I'm somali muslim not gangbanging madow I'm not about that life
The fuck even is a racist amusement park? :gucciwhat:
Never underestimate cadaans they will always have a way of perpetuating racism. Ranging from negro zoos to racist amusement parks, I would applaud the white mans creativity if he wasn’t so weird.
This the internet sxb I troll different ways and why you protecting gaal gangbanging madows? Me saying on bd shouldn't hit your nerve sxb you're too emotional sxbkey
As a guy personally from the city I take offense to your comments, a few of these madows are muslim I'm not lying, in the neighborhood I came from there were a couple of muslim African Americans we even went to the mosque together.