Influencer Fartun Duvet sends her Moryaan Cousins to Assault Darawish Daughter @HodhenLiaden

Who do you choose

  • Hodan and the Darwish

  • Fartun and the Moryaan

  • Who are they even????!!

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Fartun old ass needs to sit down.

Team Hodhen. Hodhen is prettier.
Fartun is a fairly popular YouTuber who spends her days making up dilemmas for clout. Hodhen is a weight loss enthusiast. Both have a large platform and are currently going toe to toe on their respective Snapchats.

Sources say Fartun Huwa pointed out Hodhen to her cousins at a shisha spot and told them to attack, in true HG fashion.

Fartun Go' has denied all accusations, stating the fight started over Hodhen holding her nose and accusing the Hawiye party of having a stench so ghastly, they had to retreat.

Fartun Busto is now accusing Hodhen of cowardice and mental illness.
Why are you mentioning qabil?? Your a wierdo.


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This must be a fake story.

Why would she have her cousins attack some random in a shisha lounge? Fartun and her cousins are all hardworking women, in college making something out of their lives. Fartun waa inaan fiican oo school degaa ta. She’s working on her criminology degree. Fluent Somali.
Deen iyo dhaqan bey leedhahay. What does Hodan the half Bantu have to show? Fuuto walwalqiis iyo malaayacni.


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