India is not safe for women

A week ago I was on a bus and these 3 Indian guys came on and suddently the whole upper deck of the bus started stinking. Before they came on there was no smell. If 3 people are enough to cause this, imagine that train.
Seems like the shitty curry body odor is treated as holy as their cows :reallymaury:


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India is the ultimate shithole country. Women and men from the West shouldn't go there. Imagine the smell from the train :vqbuyv0::vqbuyv0::vqbuyv0::vqbuyv0::vqbuyv0::vqbuyv0::vqbuyv0::vqbuyv0::vqbuyv0:


The one and only 4head
>Having a country where everyone has at least one mobile phone,
>But only 49% of Indians have access to Toilet,
>India is the LAND of the SACRED COWS,
>Women have less rights than a cow.

Indians are weird and they deserve to be nuked as well



If only India was a muslim country and was clean with no predators I would have loved to visit what a shame
Why would anyone want to go India?

if hell existed on earth, it would be in India. Such a disgusting place with some of the most primitive humans Allah has created. Street defecation, vomit inducing body odor, ugly women:susp:

Is there anything positive about this place?

And the indian women have to pay meher to marry a man only to become a slave for him.
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