Inauguration of Ugaas Khalif International Airport - Beledweyne




Soon the ribbon will be cut to be inaugurated, officials from Somali Govt have arrived in Beledweyne. Special thanks to the Civil Aviation Secretary Ahmed Moalin Hassan and Former President of Hirshabelle Mohamed Abdi Waare for securing this. Guuleysta.

- I will be updating this thread for this special project.



Head of Whitestar Group (group who invested into Ugaas Khalif International Airport), Malik Abdalla speaks about starting this project with former Hirshabelle President Mohamed Abdi Waare
and Ugaas Hassan and that Whitestar group is pleased to see this progress and will achieve more in Beledweyne.

Next is the runway inshallah!

Guul iyo Gobanimo!


Every shitty ugly airport in Somalia is international eh😂 and what is Ethiopia's flag doing there
It’s not Shitty really, we need a runway now, we have all the other facilities and the runway will take some time hopefully by end of next year we will have proper runway. Like Garowe

There’s levels to being an international airport.

Ethiopia flag i have no idea I understand the Djibouti because of AMISOM but not Ethiopia