In a belligerent pose Kenya’s President visits his navy. Anonymous insiders of state house Kenya state “Kenya intends to ignore the ICJ”

Legality is all that matters, we can take it back in the future.
Before all of this mess, it was straightforward to determine who those territories belong to but no legality helped them refrain from this robbery and I heard they already signed an agreement wirh some oil companies to dig those territories, so somalis need to realize that there is nothing called legality in this world and the only way you can protect your land is defending it by force just like Sudanese govt which forcefully evicted amhara out of their borders in a broad daylight instead of going to ICJ
Kenya is on high alert ahead of next month's judgment on the Indian Ocean boundary dispute with Somalia, which is expected within government circles to be adverse.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) will announce the decision on October 12, ending a protracted case between the two neighbours that the war-torn Horn of Africa nation filed in 2014.

Its verdict is final. The timing of the judgment - it coincides with the 10th anniversary of Kenyan troops storming Somalia to fight the al-Shabaab terrorists - is also being considered a "slap in the face".

The Nation has learnt Kenya will not accept a hostile ruling and a decision has been taken within the highest level of government to defy the court

Kenya has also vowed not to accept what it considers "an illegitimate process" by an international entity.

"We are proceeding on the assumption that the verdict will be adverse. The manner in which the court conducted itself when dealing with Kenya, including rejecting a string of merited applications, is a key pointer," a senior Kenyan official told Nation yesterday.

The official went on: "A lot is being done, including security-wise. It's a matter with huge national security implications. A nation must guarantee the security and well being of its people."


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Didn't the Turkish parlement give to ge ahead to deploy the turkish navy to protect our coastline and sea. This would be perfect. Secondly we need drones.


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The important thing is no international company is going to be drilling in behalf of Kenya. Once ICJ rules, it's an open and shut case

They will not openly advertise the sale of the oil blocks but will make under the table deals for shady oil companies to drill in the waters even if they lose the case.

They will have their navy to support these drilling outposts.



Also since we've built good relations with China if they take over Kenya when they default on their payments, we can ask them to smuggle over high grade military weapons through jubbaland like they do for North Korea since the unsc seems intent on keeping the arms embargo on us.



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What defense does Somalia have. Kenya is hell-bent on straight up robbery.

Kenyan army are cowards, I would be more worried about Ethiopia/Tanzania



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