I'm 26, she's 17.

I wanna marry this girl who is 17. definitely she is 100% virgin. she finished hs and is heading to uni this september. is it a good idea?


Go for it but only if all parties are in agreement. Getting married young is a dream killer so if the girl wants to get an education or do something worthwhile I would advice her not to honestly.

But by playing devils advocate, I can see why you want a young Xalimo; because once they get exposed to the real world they lose all their innocence and become saqajaans. That's why many Xalimos and Faraxs lose their virginity in college and become waste yuuts. It's more than you think too.


Damn, there is nothing appealing about 17 year old girls as a grown man. They are immature and too young. Would advise against it. Have you seen 17 year old girls these says? madax xanuun. :mjlol:
No it's a horrible idea. Please find someone that is around your age and don't ruin the life of someone so immature.
Some guy around your age married a girl around her age, and after waking up the first morning, expecting oodac iyo food, he woke up to her eating pizza. she told him "I ordered pizza for myself".

17 year olds aren't responsible enough. marry a woman who is at least 22.