Ilwad Elman wins German Africa Prize 2020

I’m so happy for her, she came from such a good family it’s so sad how her father died trying to help innocent children may she continue his legacy Insha Allah.
Her and her Family are literally angels to give their life's for Somalia. Many Somalis gave up on Somalia only to be disrespected and seen as lower class in the west.

She is a lion and a Queen.

May Allah Grant them the highest point in Paradise.
She was shoot inside the UN base, how is that a lie when its been confirmed? And besides Al-shabab has never operated from inside or outside of that base.
Unka lagu sheegoyo aya shabaab naftiirkooda la shaqeeyo sxb war ma heysiid. I’m not questioning where she died in, rather who she was killed by.
I love what she doing for child soldiers, and rape surviving victims ❤
Somalis in Germany are doing it big. The only words remotely German I know is "Ver Bindin". English came from German so a lot of Germans easily speak English. They say "Waser" instead of "Water". and so forth.


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